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Sandeman’s New Europe Walking Tours

Offering tip-only based free walking tours in Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Brussels, Copenhagen, Dublin, Edinburgh, Hamburg, Lisbon, Liverpool, London, Madrid, Munich, Paris, and Prague.

I have taken part in the free walking tours in Amsterdam, Berlin, Dublin, Edinburgh, London, Munich, and Paris. My first tour was in Edinburgh and I think it’s one of the best. Tours last around 2-3 hours, and there is a halfway pit-stop for toilets, drinks, and a quick feed, lasting about 30 minutes, it tends to be at a Starbucks or a large cafe/eatery with amenities.

These free tours are complemented by paid walking tours that generally specialize in a certain genre, be it the ‘Red Light District’ in Amsterdam, and of course, a Pub Crawl or Beer Tour in nearly every city. These paid tours cost between 10-20 euros, and sometimes you receive a small discount if you have participated in a free walking tour that day. brazil visa application form pdf

Longer outer city trips, like ‘Versailles’ in Paris and ‘Dachau’ in Munich, include transportation tickets, but you will need to supply your own food/drink. These tours can be expected to last around 5-7 hours including travel time. Other outer city trips include ‘Terezin Concentration Camp’ and ‘Kutna Hora’, both in Prague.

I can only speak highly of this company, all tours I have taken part on have been lead by extremely informed tour guides. I found myself tipping about 10-20 euros for tours I took part in. You are not required to tip on any tours, and it’s not expected on paid tours. An interesting direction of travel in Egypt, to go there please use: Egypt Visa Application

I have enjoyed these tours so much that I will be doing most of them, again, on my trip in November 2013.